Planning my trip to Helsinki

On June 13th, I finally booked all the hotels and the major ferry crossings for my trip in late August and September to Helsinki where I'm working for a week on an Erasmus exchange at Metropolia University. I'm travelling over there via Germany, Denmark and Sweden (familiar routes) arriving on the ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki (not familiar). I'm travelling back via Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania where I take a ferry through the Baltic Sea to Kiel in northern Germany (I miss out Polish roads, partly because I've heard they are not much fun and partly because the long sail through the Baltic Sea does sound like fun) then retrace my first steps to Hook of Holland and a last ferry home to England. All the stopping places are loaded onto Garmin Basecamp and this is what the trip looks like - a bit odd because the parts by sea are missing. Its about 2000 riding miles - a little less. No camping this time because all my camping equipment is still in store due to the house move. I'll save that for next year.

Basecamp map

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