Germany, Black Forrest, 2014

I leave in a couple of hours for Harwich for another trip, my 8th, to Europe. The end destination, because these trips work better when there is one, is the Black forrest and a kind of pilgrimage to two apparently culturally contrasting but geographically close sites: to philosopher Martin Heidegger’s hut above the town of Todnauburg and the Touratech HQ and shop in Niedereschach. The first day’s travel is about 400k. nearly all on Dutch and German motorways, aiming for a campsite on the Rhein with the poetic name of Loreleyblick named after the mythical Lorelei whose singing, I think, lured sailors to their death on a rocky promontary nearby.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 15.32.31

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